Women's Transitional Housing in San Diego at Ohana Recovery Residences

Transitional Living Program for Adults

Monima has partnered with Ohana Recovery Residences in providing an option for a safe, high quality and affordable living environment for those in our Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) care. Monima has chosen to align with Ohana due to their sterling reputation in the behavioral healthcare field. For years Ohana has provided a support community for women struggling with mental health and addiction issues.

Women utilizing Monima Wellness Center services have the option to reside in Ohana Recovery Residences with other Monima clients if they desire a living space dedicated to healing and sisterhood. Staff at Monima and Ohana are in constant communication to ensure that their clients are provided consistent support before, during, and after treatment hours. The facilities are adjacent to one another, providing for a campus like environment.

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Live at Ohana Residences

Monima + Ohana

Individual Therapy Room: Room with large windows, a single-seating orange couch with a pillow on it, low 2-row book shelves, a round table with a tissue box and a stack of books


Ohana provides a safe and supportive living environment for clients in recovery so they can turn their focus inward and dedicate themselves entirely to treatment.

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Ohana is unique in that it is a safe and inclusive transitional housing option available exclusively to any Monima client that identifies as female.

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Consistent Support

Ohana serves as a safe haven and is built upon a community of like-minded women that will support you through a lifetime of recovery.

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Ohana is unique in that it is a safe, inclusive, and supportive transitional living residence available to any Monima client that identifies as female. Unlike other transitional housing options, Ohana recognizes the unique needs of women and provides a welcoming home and safe haven for clients in recovery at Monima.

The Ohana “Lodge” is located just a short drive away from Monima — nestled in beautiful San Diego, CA.

Yes, all clients staying at Ohana residences are practicing a sober lifestyle to ensure the greatest chance at lasting recovery. Clients are supported by a like-minded group of women that are facing similar challenges and on similar paths to recovery.

Transitional housing is often the intermediate step between inpatient treatment centers or hospitalization and returning to regular residences and daily routines such as school or work full-time. They act as a bridge between treatment and normal life to ensure clients transition with ease.