Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
(ACT) in San Diego

ACT in San Diego at Monima Wellness

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) has gained considerable recognition in psychology. It focuses on embracing one’s thoughts and feelings rather than fighting or feeling guilty about them. Monima Wellness, located in San Diego, utilizes ACT as part of its comprehensive treatment program for women struggling with mental health and substance abuse challenges.

What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)?

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes acceptance and mindfulness strategies mixed with commitment and behavior-change strategies. It is an action-oriented approach that stems from traditional behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. The key premise of ACT is that suffering stems not from the experience of emotional pain but from our attempted avoidance of that pain.

Core Principles of ACT

The core principles of acceptance and commitment therapy originate from relational frame theory, a psychological theory of human language and cognition. Developed by Steven C. Hayes, ACT is rooted in the idea that psychological suffering is often due to our entanglement with thoughts and the struggle to avoid unwanted experiences. These principles encourage us to accept our reactions and be present in our current experiences, thus promoting mental flexibility. They are essential as they help individuals lead a more mindful, values-driven life, significantly improving mental well-being and overall quality of life.

The six core principles of ACT include: 

  1. Cognitive defusion: Learning to reduce the impact of unhelpful thoughts and feelings.
  2. Acceptance: Actively embracing life experiences without judgment.
  3. Present moment: Focusing on the current moment to enhance awareness and engagement.
  4. Self as context: Viewing oneself from a broader, more flexible perspective.
  5. Values: Identifying and committing to core personal values.
  6. Committed action: Taking effective actions aligned with one’s values.

Benefits of ACT in San Diego

Individuals undergoing ACT often experience a range of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced psychological flexibility: Ability to adapt to changing circumstances with openness and mindfulness.
  • Reduced avoidance behavior: Facing challenges head-on instead of avoiding discomfort.
  • Improved stress management: Skills to cope effectively with stress and anxiety.
  • Greater emotional resilience: Capacity to handle emotional distress without being overwhelmed.
  • Increased mindfulness: Heightened awareness of the present moment, leading to more engagement with life.
  • Clarified personal values: Understanding what is truly important, guiding decision-making and actions.
  • Positive behavioral change: Commitment to actions that align with personal values, leading to a more fulfilling life.

Who Can Benefit from ACT?

Acceptance and commitment therapy is a versatile and effective psychological intervention that addresses a wide range of issues. This therapy is thought to be beneficial in treating individuals with the following conditions and concerns:

ACT is adaptable, addressing the unique needs of each individual, regardless of their specific circumstances or background. If you or someone you know is struggling with stress or mental health, there is hope. Visit our website to learn more about the conditions we treat at Monima Wellness.

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ACT for Trauma and PTSD

ACT has demonstrated positive outcomes in treating trauma and PTSD. Treatment professionals assist with accomplishing these improvements by integrating ACT’s core components, specifically acceptance, commitment to values, and mindfulness, into therapy through exercises, metaphors, and practical applications. These elements form a framework that helps individuals navigate the complexities of trauma and PTSD, promoting psychological flexibility and resilience.

ACT’s structured yet flexible approach caters to the unique needs of each individual facing trauma, PTSD, or related emotional challenges. It empowers them to work toward recovery and well-being, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling life.

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The Monima Wellness Experience

At Monima Wellness, we pride ourselves on creating a therapeutic environment that is warm and welcoming. We designed our center to make clients feel supported and understood. We focus on providing a holistic approach to healing, integrating traditional and alternative therapies to cater to each client’s unique needs. We aim to offer a healing space where women can embark on their wellness journey in a nurturing and empowering setting.

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Why Choose San Diego ACT with Monima Wellness?

Monima Wellness in San Diego offers a transformative and holistic approach to women’s mental health treatment. Specializing in personalized outpatient programs, Monima Wellness incorporates acceptance and commitment therapy into our comprehensive mental health treatment program for women. This approach aligns with our philosophy of providing individualized care, focusing on helping individuals develop psychological flexibility and emotional resilience. ACT at Monima Wellness emphasizes accepting thoughts and feelings, connecting with personal values, and taking committed action toward meaningful life goals, all within a supportive and nurturing environment.

Begin ACT in San Diego with Monima Wellness

Embark on your journey with acceptance and commitment therapy at Monima Wellness in San Diego, where our experienced team offers a client-centered approach tailored to your unique needs. Start transforming your life today. Call us today.


Treatment professionals often combine ACT with other therapeutic approaches for a holistic treatment experience. At Monima Wellness, we utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities, including ACT, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and more.

The cost of therapy in San Diego can vary, depending on factors such as the therapist’s experience and the type of services offered. At Monima Wellness, we accept most insurance plans for our outpatient women’s programs. To better understand the costs and insurance coverage, we encourage you to contact us today to speak with one of our experienced team members.

To start treatment with Monima Wellness or to learn more about our programs, contact us to speak with one of our experienced team members. We will support you each step of the way as we discuss your needs and how ACT and Monima Wellness can benefit you.

Whether ACT is the best therapy depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. ACT is effective for many, especially for those seeking to improve psychological flexibility and deal with issues like anxiety, depression, and stress. However, the best therapy often aligns with the person’s specific circumstances and therapy goals.

ACT therapy is beneficial for a wide range of people. It’s particularly effective for those dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and substance abuse issues. ACT is also helpful for individuals seeking personal growth and those looking to improve their ability to handle difficult emotions and thoughts.

ACT is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with distinct differences. While CBT focuses on changing negative thought patterns, ACT emphasizes accepting thoughts and feelings without trying to change them. ACT works on developing mindfulness and psychological flexibility, whereas traditional CBT is more about challenging and changing thought patterns.