Recovery Center
for Women

A room nook with framed art gallery on the wall. Two black oval cushions are on the floor for sitting

Individualized Recovery Programs

We at Monima believe that stellar patient care centers around providing compassionate, individualized mental health services that meet the patients where they are in their recovery journey. With a clinical team that has extensive expertise in a variety of holistic therapeutic techniques, we can effectively meet the needs of women struggling with mental health or trauma.

A Safe Haven for Women in San Diego

Nestled in scenic San Diego, Monima provides exceptional care for women both local to the area familiar with the benefits of a therapeutic environment.

Our Mission

To foster a safe, healing space for women seeking personalized, compassionate mental health care utilizing progressive, evidence-based modalities that revive a stronger sense of self and a renewed passion for life and community.

Verify Insurance

Let us help you verify that your or your love one’s insurance provider can provide financial assistance.

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